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Lou Gramm (born Louis Andrew Grammatico; May 2, 1950) is an American rock vocalist and songwriter best known for being the original lead singer for the rock band Foreigner.


Foreigner's first eight singles cracked the Billboard Top 20, making them the first group since the Beatles to achieve this. Gramm performed vocals on all of Foreigner's hits including "Hot Blooded", "Feels Like the First Time", "Cold as Ice", "Long, Long Way from Home", "Double Vision", "Blue Morning, Blue Day", "Head Games", "Dirty White Boy", "Urgent", "Juke Box Hero", "Break It Up" and "Say You Will". He co-wrote most of the songs for the band, which achieved two of its biggest hits with the ballads "Waiting for a Girl Like You", which spent ten weeks at #2 on the 1981-82 American Hot 100, and "I Want to Know What Love Is", which was a #1 hit internationally (US & UK) in 1985.


Lou Gramm Website

This groundbreaking group hails from Seattle Wa. The Led Zeppelin Experience provides fans of the British Band a magical revisiting to the days when the Hammer of the Gods fell hard on America and the world.


The look, sound, mannerisms, performance is fine tuned even to English accents to provide a full rich night of musical magic. Fans and rock stars have sworn the are watching the real group live in front of them . John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin when signing a poster of the band said "this is pretty scary" referring to the likeness of each character in the photos.


There is no other group that comes closer to Led Zeppelin than the Led Zeppelin Experience.


Led Zeppelin Experience Website

Great White, a band with over 8,000,000 in record sales, started its career in 1981 as Dante Fox, playing its first gig at The Troubadour in Hollywood, California.


Great White hit the mainstream in 1987 with its release Once Bitten…, which featured the hits “Rock Me” and “Save Your Love,” (a song which neither the producer nor the record label wanted on the album as they felt it was too soft). Russell, however, informed them that he would quit if the song was not included. Once Bitten… was certified platinum in April, 1987.  During this time, another L.A. local, Tony Montana, was recruited to play bass -- and the classic lineup of Great White was assembled.

Charles Frederick Kip Winger (born June 21, 1961) is an American rock musician, a member of the rock band Winger, and a solo artist.


Kip Winger's first commercial break came in 1984, when he co-wrote a song for Kix's third album, Midnite Dynamite. During that time he was working closely with the record producer, Beau Hill, recording bass and vocals on various records. While Reb Beach was working on Fiona Flanagan's Beyond the Pale record at Atlantic, Winger and Beach were introduced to each other and later began recording demos. In 1985, Winger joined Alice Cooper's band. After making two albums with Cooper, Winger left in March 1987 to focus on his own band.


Kip Winger Website

Mini Kiss is a Kiss tribute band made up entirely of little people with a form of dwarfism. The founder was band leader Joey Fatale (4' 4" - Mini Gen) from New York, the same place KISS started. It is one of the most popular little people tribute bands in existence.


They made an appearance on the Game Show Network revival of I've Got a Secret. The band tours regularly playing venues ranging in size from 100 to 1,000 seats. The band made a cameo on the television show Z Rock and also made a cameo on one of the Dr Pepper Cherry TV commercial "A Little Kiss" sharing the stage with the real KISS. Joey Fatale died on August 7, 2011.


Mini Kiss Website

Ryan Weaver is a high energy, all-American, rockin’ country music artist who proudly served as an active duty soldier, Chief Warrant Officer 3, in the United States Army. To understand Ryan Weaver and his passion for music, you need to hear his unique story: Ryan Weaver’s life is an example of how an individual’s dedication, discipline, focus and perseverance can help them to achieve greatness in the face of adversity.


Ryan’s recently released second single, “New Set of Tires,” was co-written by Hall of Fame songwriters Jeffrey Steele and Bob Dipiero and is now available at all major digital distribution outlets.  Ryan is currently writing and recording songs for his new EP scheduled for release this summer.


Ryan Weaver Website

Lucien Patten and Lane Goff only knew each other six months when they sat down in a local coffee shop one morning and within a short time drafted the lyrics and music to “Proud of Who I Am,” a tribute to America’s armed forces stationed around the world.

Curious to see what others thought of their song, the talented musicians uploaded to the Internet a cell phone video of themselves playing their new creation. “Proud of Who I Am” immediately went viral – racking up over 275,000 hits within a week. How many established recording artists or groups can claim such public approval today?


The talented duo continues to be in the studio in an effort to release their first CD in 2015.

Patten and Goff are sincerely grateful for all of the support they’ve received. “Our fans made us who we are today,” Patten humbly feels. “What is near and dear to us, is America. We want to be successful in music, but we also want to donate some of our proceeds to people around America who need it most. Thank you America for all of your continued support!”


Patten and Goff Website

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